Sirloin Cap

Soft part, more marbled and with fat cover, has a strong flavor. It is easy to prepare and very juicy. It is suitable for barbecues and can be roasted whole, on skewers or on the grill. It is good for roasts, steaks or pot meat. It is important to prepare it with the fat so that the flavor and softness are more accentuated, being able to remove it at the time of consumption.


Soft and juicy, the tenderloin is so named because of its location in the body of the ox: separated from the filet mignon only by the lumbar vertebrae. This cut very appreciated by the Brazilian has a layer of side fat which is what leaves it with a sharp, tender and soft flavor

Rump Steak

The rump is soft and low in fat, making it ideal for steaks, stews, roasts and stews. It is excellent on the barbecue, either on skewers or on thick steaks on the grill. Avoid thin cuts as the meat may dry out.

Rump Skirt

Softer part of the rump, it is juicy and has a mild flavor. It is good for roasts, barbecue or on the grill, pot meats or steaks served well done, as it has a higher fat content. It must be cut correctly, that is, against the fibers, to accentuate its softness and flavor.


The rib is the cut with the greatest variety of flavors, textures and aromas. It requires a longer cooking time to soften its fibers. It is used mainly for barbecue, or for the preparation of meat cooked with vegetables. Meats prepared with bone always have a very special flavor.


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