Fish and Seafood


Panga is a fresh water fish belonging to the catfish family. Its white, boneless meat, firm texture and subtle flavour has conquered the market and has an ever-growing demand in various countries. Besides having an excellent cost/benefit ratio, Panga can be consumed fried, baked or battered and can be included in a variety of other dishes


Hake is found in deep waters with low temperatures. An accessible and popular fish, it can be consumed fried, baked or battered or added as an ingredient to a variety of dishes.

Alaskan Pollock

Fished in the north Pacific Ocean, Alaskan Pollock is one of the most common sold on the North American market. Its meat has a lighter flavour, containing high quantities of protein and low quantities of fat. It is also a source if omega 3 and fatty acids.


Saithe has a more characteristic flavor than most fish species with white meat. Its characteristic flavor goes well with dishes with a lot of seasoning. Saithe meat also has a firm texture and is suitable for frying.

Blue Shark

Blue Shark inhabits practically all seas and oceans. Its main advantage is the fact that it does not contain bones, avoiding accidents. Rich in proteins, minerals and other substances responsible for its aroma and succulence. Its meat is extremely tender and has a very delicate flavour; enabling it to be used in practically any method of preparation.

Oil Fish

A scaly fish also known as “Black Anchovy’, Bramble shark has an elongated body which can grow to lengths of up to 1.5 m and weigh over 20kg. The dorsal area is blue and its flanks and belly, silver. Its meat is of an excellent quality.

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